Supporting Leadership in Science

We provide leadership skills training and coaching to the international scientific community since 2005. We offer leadership, management and presentation skills courses and workshops for groups, as well as personal coaching and help with grant applications.


Our consultants are experienced coaches in leadership training, communication and education, as well as in process and conflict management. Most of our team members have a scientific background.


Our clients include the European Molecular Biology Organisation, Harvard Medical School, the MIT and the Weizmann Institute. Hundreds of independent group leaders, postdocs and PhD students have participated in our specialised and tailored training programmes and continue to benefit from this experience. 


Please refer to our references section to read what others say about our work. Check our portfolio to find out what we can do for you. Read all about our coaches and consultants on the about us page. For frequent updates read our blog or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter


Regardless of whether you are considering our service for yourself or for an institution, please contact us with your request.

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How we help the scientific community with leadership and management skills courses

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In a series of recent Career Advice articles (1, 2) in Science, Lucas Laursen gave an overview of opportunities for scientist to...

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Laboratory Management Courses at EMBO 2014

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Just a very brief note: We are again offering EMBO laboratory management and leadership courses for postdocs and group leaders in 2014. These courses are organized by the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO). They are...

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The gender bias among influential biomedical researchers

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The European Journal of Clinical Investigation recently published a study listing over 400 highly influential biomedical researchers. The list was generated using metrics such as the h-index and the total number of published...

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+++ All open courses for 2014 are booked +++


All of our open Leadership in Science courses are fully booked for this year. 


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